Working with Craiyon to generate more art.

Try on Craiyons

Craiyon is by far the easiest to get up and going of the AI art prompters.
You just head over to their site and enter your prompt.

It then responds with nine different images.

Here are the results from the same prompts from previous posts with Midjourney and Stable Diffusion.

a red juicy apple floating in outer space, like a planet

a cat wearing a suit and tie with green eyes, a stock photo by Hanns Katz, pexels, furry art, stockphoto, creative commons attribution, quantum wavetracing

bender from futurama fishing in the woods with a cigar

porsche cayman electric concept car driving on a mountain road in the rain futuristic, ultra high detail, cinematic, unreal engine 5, octane render

porsche 911 parked on a beach in the style of a 70s science fiction novel cover

king of the muppets ruling the universe

fire dragon breathing fire, black volcano background, fire particles, wallpaper

A deaf mouse anthropomorphic engineer in the orbit, jet pack, ink+concept art+line art, manga cover art + dragon ball style, style of Doraemon, by Toriyama Akira

The first one again had issues with the word deaf, so I took it out and ran it again.

Final Thoughts

I am pretty sure I will not use this one going forward. It seems that simpler terms would work better in this prompt. None of the results were really worth the time though.