Update to generating Futurama characters as "real" with the Protogen model v3.4

“Finally, a uniform I’d be happy to be caught dead in!” –Amy

Update to generating Futurama characters as "real" with the Protogen model v3.4

I the last post I was using Protogen v2.2 as the model for generating the Futurama character images.

I was having issues with InvokeAI erroring with v3.4 on the same prompts. I ended up restarting, and then everything just magically worked today.
That is the way that technology goes, right?

Here are the v3.4 characters, with the same prompting as the previous post.

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The Characters




The Professor



Dr. Zoidberg


This one had me cracking up when it popped up with a gun pointing back at him.




Final Thoughts

I am still really enjoying this model, and have yet to get a call from the WB to write a show runner about the hip happening sexy crew from Futurama and their fun adventures in the Planet Express delivery service [maybe some day]. The v3.4 edition is definitely a lot better and would recommend that one over v2.2.