Touring the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart Germany

Touring the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart Germany

We were in Stuttgart for a concert and while in town we took in a trip to the Porsche museum. Here are some photos from the trip, but I'd recommend going through the virtual tour linked below to see more than i could have covered here.


You can take the virtual tour here:

Porsche Museum 360˚ Experience
Discover interesting places in the museum, from the comfort of your own home, on the road or even on site. A unique virtual tour for Porsche enthusiasts.

German automotive giant Porsche has unveiled a striking sculpture realized by British artist and designer Gerry Judah that stands outside the Porsche Museum at Zuffenhausen in Stuttgart, Germany, to celebrate the 911. It was here in 1963 that the first 911 rolled off the assembly line. Taking inspiration from this heritage, Gerry Judah has created a sculpture that consists of three pillars up to the height of 24 m, each crowned with a Porsche 911 mounted at the top. The vehicles hail from different 911 generations as a tribute to the history of the classic.

Gerry Judah’s Sculpture for Porsche Museum, Stuttgart | urdesignmag
German automotive giant Porsche has unveiled a striking sculpture realized by British artist and designer Gerry Judah that stands outside the Porsche Museum at Zuffenhausen in Stuttgart, Germany, to celebrate the 911.

Beautiful day and a beautiful building

Hitting the coffee bar first to fuel up before going in.

Early prototypes and more as you start in the museum

The classic 356 where it all began, they had multiple versions on display.

In the old you can see the design languages flowing to each model

I thought this 356 looked like something out of Batman The Animated Series

The current 718 Boxter and Cayman point back to this car

Another view of the 718

Porche Club badges from all over.

The 901... err the original 911.

The 911 celebrated its premiere at the 1963 IAA in Frankfurt under the designation of the "Porsche 901". However, a French car company objected to the name because it had patented all type numbers with a zero in the middle. Therefore, without further ado, Porsche renamed the 901 to 911 – the three digits that still get the blood of sports car enthusiasts pumping to this day.
Model Overview 911 F | Porsche Classic
To this day, the Porsche 911 evokes palpitations in every sports car enthusiast. The F model is the first derivative and successor to the 356.

I always thought the 904 was bigger for some reason, but it is REALLY tiny!

a 1974 911 with classic styling, and amazing color

The classic 935 with the Martini racing color scheme

The first 4x4 911 from 1981 and the paint was beautiful to say the least.

This is the 959 concept

And this is the 959.

Here's a great YouTube video on it:

The prototype for the Boxter from 1993 which eventually became the Boxter we know today.

A 996 generation 911 cut in half

Sally Carrera from the Pixar movie Cars

A 918 Spyder

A proper 4x4 in the Cayenne from 2007

A view

The stunning blue of this 911 from the Bad Boys remake has me thinking I'd like to get one ;)

Another view to take in the scenery.

Finally, we ate lunch at the restaurant onsite and then went back to our hotel thinking of all the neat cars we were able to see.

If you are wondering, the 718, the 901, and the 904 were my favorites to see.