The books I read in 2022

Here are the books I've read this year.

One of my many New Year's resolutions was to read more books than I did last year. Well, last year I finished 16 books, so 17 was my "Achievement Unlocked" moment for this year. After everything that has happened in the last two years I just wanted to read absurd and funny books as the need for not being in reality was pretty strong last December.

I ended up reading some fantastic books and some futuristic books along with my usual self-help-you-are-going-to-be-awesome books.

Each will have some brief thoughts and whether I would recommend the read or not.

The Book List:

  • Dirk Gently 2 - The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul

I read the first Dirk Gently book last year and LOVED it. Being a fan of Douglas Adams' absurd comedy made this a great start to the year.  Recommend.

  • The Joy of Living: Unlocking the Secret and Science of Happiness

Yongey Mingyur, as a Buddhist teacher, he is incredibly relatable and real in this book, I really had a good time reading this. Recommend.

  • The War of Art

I have been wanting to read this for a long time. After a failed read of another book [see below], I picked this one as a backup book. It was a good idea. If you are looking for something to break your creative block try this book. Recommend.

  • Cyberpunk City Book One: The Machine Killer

Ok, this one was a bit predictive in its delivery, but entertaining anyway. It is the first in a book series. I probably won't continue the series.

  • The Social Singularity

I read a lot of futuristic books this year. This one was OK, but I just don't remember much of it. So, maybe a recommend?

  • Bullshit Jobs

Yes, read this book if you have a job, and even if you don't.

  • The Stars Now Unclaimed (The Universe After, 1)

OK, so this one was on a whim, it is a 1st time author so I didn't expect much, but it turned out really well done. I ended up reading more in the series, so yep, recommend.

  • So Long and Thanks for all the fish [Audiobook]

Yes, read all books by Douglas Adams, or listen to them on audiobook read by the author.

  • The restaurant at the end of the universe [Audiobook]

Again, yes, recommend.

  • Life the universe and everything [Audiobook]

I was genuinely overcome with sadness when this book finished, knowing I was done with the entire series and Douglas Adams has passed. RIP. So, just read or listen to all his books. I am tempted to do it again next year in my travels.

  • The Fourth Age

Another futuristic/historical book on how we will survive and such. Recommended if you are into that sort of thing.

The Lord of the Rings Audiobook series:

  •  The Fellowship of the Ring [Audiobook]
  •  The Two Towers [Audiobook]
  •  The Return of the King [Audiobook]

Rob Inglis reads the LoTR series and I seriously can not recommend it enough! I mean he actually SINGS the songs in the recording, what's not to like there? It really makes me want to watch all the movies again [Our family Christmas holiday tradition].

They are also great for long road trips in the middle of the desert Southwest.

  • The Signals Are Talking: Why Today’s Fringe Is Tomorrow’s Mainstream

Yet another futuristic book, more of a how to spot the future things versus what is actually going to happen. Good reading and recommended.

  • Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

I started reading this with my kiddo, I read it with the classic 70's movie in my mind for all the characters. Classic book, highly recommend.

  • The Startup of You (Revised and Updated): Adapt, Take Risks, Grow Your Network, and Transform Your Career

I struggled through this book, but finished it. I guess if you are in to the Linkedin vibe, you'd probably like this book. I would not recommend it.

  • The Hobbit: Or There and Back Again [Audiobook]

Rob Inglis reading Tolkien again on a road trip? Sign me up! Highly recommended.

  • The Network State

I was really excited to read this book as it is really a different way of thinking about how we organize society. You can read it for free online here as it is meant to be a living document:

Read the one sentence and see if you want to go deeper down the rabbit hole.

The Network State in One Sentence | The Network State
A network state is a highly aligned online community with a capacity for collective action that crowdfunds territory around the world and eventually gains diplomatic recognition from pre-existing states.
  • What We Owe the Future

This one was another whim, but turned out fairly well and I'd recommend it as a interesting thought experiment.

  • A Chain Across the Dawn (The Universe After, 2)

Book two in the series, you can tell the writer was starting to hit his stride in this book. I liked it enough to keep going in the series and would recommend.

  • The Firmament of Flame (The Universe After, 3)

Book three in the series and where I am going to end reading them. The first two books in the series are good, but this one seemed a bit forced and really kind of felt like they were writing a book just to expand the world to monetize it. Maybe Netflix will pick it up, eh? I'd stick with The Universe After books 1+2, and then maybe read this if you are bored.

  • Have Space Suit—Will Travel

The last book added to the list was a nice Sci-fi book to round out the year on a high note. Even though it is considered a children’s or young adult's book, I really liked the classic late 50's vibe from it. I've enjoyed Robert A. Heinlein's other books and this one is no different. I should read more of them. Highly recommended.

Failed Books

These are the books I just could not get through for some reason.

The Value of Everything: Making and Taking in the Global Economy

This one has been a really dry read and I've struggled to get through it, I keep trying to start up again, but keep failing. I made it 50% and quit.


I read Winning in 2021 and this feels like the exact same book, just a retread. I'd recommend either book, but can only make it through one every few years, so maybe I'll throw it on the book list a few years out.

Final thoughts

I loved my book list for this year and was able to get my "Achievement Unlocked" by reading every morning for a bit. Long road trips this year also helped out as there is nothing to do but look around and imagine the story you are listening to.

For 2023, I will be mixing it up a bit. I plan on NOT reading more books, but taking more time in the books I do read. I am also going to be a bit more picky on the books, as in if a book doesn't grab me by chapter 5 or so, I will bail early and move on to the next book. I found that on some of the books I've read over the years that I should’ve just moved on earlier to enjoy different books.

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