Punk Porsche

Some fun Porsche images today.

Punk Porsche

These images were made with InvokeAI using the Inkpunk model.

Prompt Details

  "model": "stable diffusion",
  "model_weights": "inkpunk",
  "model_hash": "2182245415908822cbac065128a4c5144cc547d0701feb21241cb4e70bb5cf56",
  "app_id": "invoke-ai/InvokeAI",
  "app_version": "v2.2.4",
  "image": {
    "prompt": [
        "prompt": "nvinkpunk, Close up, black Porsche 9 1 1 targa driving down a mountain road in the rain, centered, pencil sketch, realistic shaded, fine details, realistic shaded lighting poster by greg rutkowski",
        "weight": 1
    "steps": 30,
    "cfg_scale": 7.5,
    "threshold": 0,
    "perlin": 0,
    "height": 512,
    "width": 704,
    "seed": 1200757452,
    "seamless": false,
    "hires_fix": false,
    "type": "txt2img",
    "postprocessing": null,
    "sampler": "ddim",
    "variations": []

Creative Commons License

Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.