[Learning] Godot 3 2D Platformer 06

It has been a fun weekend

It has been a fun weekend, I reconfigured levels, bad guys, and diamonds. As you can see, the game has changed to more of a side-scroller like Super Mario Bros from the previous videos.  As I watch more tutorials, and read more of the Godot documentation I get better and better at designing my game.  It also helps to have some basic demos out there with code examples to get you further along the way.

I still need to figure out how to move the bad guys in a fun way.  I would also like to add particle effects and more levels. I also thought of something cool today, to export the game and have it playable on my Raspberry Pi connected to the TV.  It already has RetroPie loaded, so hopefully I can get the controllers to work.  All in good time...