Intro to Blockchain Development in 2022

An Introduction

Hello Internet,

I created a blog post [LINK] in 2018 on setting up a new laptop for Ethereum development and wanted to revisit that topic for awhile now, in addition to going a bit deeper in the Blockchain development realm.

I also wrote a blog post series on how to create a Python Telegram bot that mints NFT's on the Cardano blockchain [LINK] last year and I really liked the flow of just building something and then writing everything about it at once afterwards as that solidifies the topic in my head better.

As I thought about it, I really wanted to cover setting up and working on
building/deploying a "simple" NFT project called MetaMarbles.

So this blog series manifested onto the top of my TODO list where I have been poking around at it and pushing it forward with the eventual goal of releasing it all at once.

I've linked below all the posts so you can easily follow along, or jump to an artile that interests you most.

We will be setting up a laptop [MacOS] for simple Blockchain development. Luckily a lot of the work towards building and deploying the web apps and backend dapps smart contracting has been done for us with easy to use systems.
We will be using a fork of HashLips' NFT generator in codeSTACKr's helpful code repo to use the service NFTport to deploy the contracts on the Ethereum testnet Rinkeby and host the art on IPFS. We will then deploy the web frontend using the service Netlify.

The hardest part, at least for me, is the art.  I will be using the open source vector program Inkscape to build out our NFT layers and final images.

If you find the information valuable or have questions, please reach out to me on Twitter, I'd love to chat.

Have fun.

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