I finished a donut

Finishing off the starter donut tutorial.

How it started:

How it's going:

Adding a better texture to the donut body

Updating and working with different ideas on materials

The first render is looking like a day old donut, just a bit dried out.

Making the icing more reflective gives it a 'wet' look

Adding chocolate sprinkles via geometry nodes

How about some more fun sprinkle types?

Adding what I would've liked to have been coco-puffs, but they really turned into just fake looking chocolate spheres. The colored sprinkles looked good though.

Rendered with Eevee

Finishing off the donut by setting up the lighting and editing everything in the file.

The coco spheres didn’t make the final cut.

This was rendered with cycles with 44 samples. It took about an hour or so to render all 300 frames of the following video.  


I am super happy with the results, every time I look at it I can not believe I made that in Blender.  

If you wanted to pick up the basics of Blender I'd highly recommend the donut tutorial by Blender Guru [Playlist Link].

While I watched all the videos in the playlist, I did not do the video compositing section for this render as I was really happy with the way the final design was turning out.  As I do not feel I can walk/create in Blender on my own yet, I will give it a go on a different donut.

The world needs more donuts.