How to use dreambooth models with InvokeAI

Extending the dream

How to use dreambooth models with InvokeAI

Public Prompts has some really good extra models trained on some fun internet things. Last night I figured out how to get them loaded into my InvokeAI Stable Diffusion install.

Here is how you load it up:

Download a model:

We will be using the Pixel Art model, but the same setup works for Microworlds and App Icons. Download the model from the page below.

Pixel Art V1 (DreamBooth model):

Pixel Art V1 (DreamBooth model) - Public Prompts
Pixel Art V1 (DreamBooth model) Trigger phrase: “SKSKS art style”Sample prompt:Walter White, in SKSKS art style”“Suggested CFG scale: 10-15Sampler k_euler_a, steps: 20All images were enhanced using Tencent animation enhancmentIf you like this prompt, consider supporting me on Buy Me a CoffeeModel do…

We get symbolic links in Mac and Linux-land. I am not sure what goes on in the Windows world, so you will have to search for info on that. I keep my models in a directory away from the Stable Diffusion code base so that I can rebuild at will and not have to download gigs of data again.

Create a directory to hold the PublicPrompts models:

I put mine in the models/ldm directory.

mkdir models/ldm/PublicPrompts

Then create a symbolic like this:

ln -s /Users/$HOME/bin/models/Pixel_Art_V1_PublicPrompts.ckpt /Users/$HOME/bin/InvokeAI/models/ldm/PublicPrompts/Pixel_Art_V1_PublicPrompts.ckpt

Edit the Models config

With the new version of InvokeAI they made it easier to load up different models.
You just need to configure them to point it at our symbolic link from above.
Then we name it whatever you'd like to call it in the args.

Open configs/models.yaml with your favorite editor. Then add the following.

Note: YAML syntax is specific, so copy what they already have in place.

    config:  configs/stable-diffusion/v1-inference.yaml
    weights: models/ldm/PublicPrompts/Pixel_Art_V1_PublicPrompts.ckpt
    width: 512
    height: 512

Start InvokeAI with your new model

Now that we have the model setup, all we need to do is start up the web UI with the new model.

python scripts/ --web --model pixel_art

During loading, you should see it load your new model:

>> Loading model from models/ldm/PublicPrompts/Pixel_Art_V1_PublicPrompts.ckpt

Let's Art

Each new model has a bit of a trigger phrase to use.  Add , in SKSKS art style to the end to trigger the model.

Some suggested configurations:

Suggested CFG scale: 10-15 [I used 12]
Suggested Sampler: k_euler_a
Suggested steps: 20

dog, in SKSKS art style

cat, in SKSKS art style

monkey, in SKSKS art style

mushroom, in SKSKS art style

Mario didn't work out, so you get a mushroom.

astronaut, in SKSKS art style

Extra Credit

Now that you know how to add extra models to your InvokeAI install you can
got get App Icons and Microworlds models from

App Icons



Mt Hood

Mt Fuji

Cyberpunk City

Extra Extra Credit

With this new found knowledge you could get the Dreambooth models from
Hugging Face and drop them in to your install (I haven't tried, yet.).

The featured image was generate with the prompt: skate or die, in SKSKS art style. I have no idea where it came from, but I like it.