[DEVLOG][release] Ether Dasher

Posting today to provide links to the project on Itch.io

Posting today to provide links to the project on Itch.io

Ether Dasher by The Above Average Jeremy
Collect all the tokens!

I tested the build on my Linux machine.

[update 2020.8.8] MacOS builds are now working, I needed to export as a .dmg file versus the default .zip file. You can grab the dmg on itch.io.

I do not have a Windows machine, so I am unable to test that build.  If you have a Windows machines and would like to test, please reach out.

I figured out how to export from Godot and import/embed into itch.io.  You can now play the game in your browser. Direct Link

There is no future road map for this game. I may add features as I learn them in Godot.

As this is a learning project I set the default price to $1 or pay what you want.  


Coins Credit:
Vicki Wenderlich
- https://www.gameartguppy.com/shop/ultimate-rotating-coin-pack/

Background Credit:
Don Pablito
- https://opengameart.org/content/space-escape-sprites

Character Credit:
- https://craftpix.net/freebies/free-pixel-art-tiny-hero-sprites/

Spike Ball
- https://opengameart.org/content/spiked-ball-0

Font Credit:
- https://kenney.nl/assets/kenney-fonts

Sounds Credit:
Open Game Art

Music Credit:
Tallbeard Studios: https://tallbeard.itch.io/music-loop-bundle

Tools Used

Game Release Page on Itch.io