[DevLog][08] goBerzerk - More Levels

Some major bug fixes and more levels

This update took shockingly too much time to complete.  It turns out that I enabled collisions on my Environment TileMap for the walls and doorways.  This basically setup two collisions in game in addition to being incorrectly offset on the wall scene.  It took me a while to figure it out, but after I did it was a quick fix.

After that I felt comfortable building the eight levels that I could find on the internet for the original Atari 2600 game.  I then set in the GameState script to pick a random level when the Player escapes a level.  In the video you will see a few of the levels.  I think they came out looking OK.

I started down the path of making the Robot AI, but ran into a bunch of issues.  I would like the Robots to patrol, then if the Player is detected, attack the Player.  BUT they need to be attacking on cardinal directions [RIGHT, LEFT, UP, DOWN] and not diagonal.  It is an interesting challenge.  

Currently the Player does not take hits, or dies.  I mainly have that off for testing. Once I get the Robot AI working the way I want I will be turning it on.


  • Fix for wall collisions
  • Reset Fricken Lasers to work
  • Added seven other levels based on Atari 2600 levels
  • Added escaping to a random level on exit
  • Added some Player detection in Robot scenes [Not hooked up yet]
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