[DevLog][06] goBerzerk - Glitch Robots

Glitchy Chirpy Robots oh my.

I figured out the way to work with the robots for now. I ended up adding four RayCast2D's to the top, bottom, left, and right of the robot to detect when hitting a wall or other body.  Currently they are set to bounce, select a new random direction, and then start walking again.  Since they can bounce and get the same random direction, they are a little glitchy for right now.  The original Atari 2600 game had them explode when hitting walls or other robots. I will be replicating that future iterations.

Another bug I need to squash is the way that collisions are detected in the walls as both the player and robots can "walk through" walls before they are detected and stopped.  It is a frustrating bug that I have yet to figure out.

I also added a random chirp based on the sound files I found on SampleSwap.org. I edited them together using Audacity, but it looks like I need to further refine them for sound levels as the original files had different volume levels. I added chirping on switching directions, but that is a little overwhelming as it is glitchy currently, so I will be changing it to a timed chirp and a "when player detected" type chirp.

My favorite chirp is "FIGHT LIKE A ROBOT!"

I also went back in and redesigned EvilOtto to be a bigger sprite image, but more on that later once I create his scene.


  • Draw a bigger Evil Otto with Pixelorama
  • Add random movement to robots [Still glitchy]
  • Add Robot Chirps
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