[DevLog][04] goBerzerk - Player one has entered the game

Sprites found!

Today, I spent most of the day researching how I could make it so that the robots follow and attack the player the way they originally did in the game.  I think I figured it out, but that will have to wait.  I found a sprite sheet on the Spriters Resource by randomly googling around the internet.  I am so glad to find an example so that I could recreate the sprites in Pixelorama.  It turns out that my originals were pretty darn close!

Berzerk sprite sheet

With some new found inspiration, I was able to create the rest of the sprites and finally setup a player.  I created a test level to see how it will all look

I was also able to find a new font that kind of resembles the old Atari font.  I edited the HUD and start up screen

So far it is coming together nicely.

I think that I will need to redo most of the code as the player and robot scripts are getting unruly.  I will most likely redesign in the form of the Penguin Platformer code as that has a better state machine for actions.


Thanks to spriters-resource.com:

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