[DevLog][03] goBerzerk - Robot updates and more

A lot of updates today to the game.

I ended up having to redo the animations for the robot and turn the color to white as default as I forgot when changing the color in Godot the sprites need to be white to take on the color you are adding in code.  This enabled me to create a little random color script when robots are spawned.

There are a bunch of tweaks to the overall game, but that doesn’t show up in the gameplay gif below 👇

Note: If the gifs don't work I will create a Vimeo or something later to show game play.

  • Changed animation to walk_left for robot
  • added script to follow player [will probably replace with raycast system later]
  • Set screensize to 640x480
  • Changed HUD to be on the bottom like original game
  • Changed the robot sprite color to white
  • Added random color selection on Main when robot spawned
  • Setup FrickenLazers and made laser sounds
  • Removed game timer count down as a game mechanic
  • Added explode sound to robot hurt() function
  • Since robots have color now, changed background to dark mobo_03
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