[DevLog][01] goBerzerk - Starting point.

Welcome to devlog 01 of my new game goBerzerk.

I have been wanting to recreate some classic arcade and Atari games in the Godot Engine for some time.  Today I started that process with a game I played a lot on my Atari 2600 back in the day.  Berzerk is just a simple shoot the robots and run game from 1980, so my recreation should be pretty much the same, except updated.  

Today was mainly just getting a character on the screen and the project built out, I added a bunch of stuff for me todo to finish.

You can check out the source code repo here:

GitHub - ephergent/goBerzerk
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Things Done

  • Copied most of the project source from the EtherDasher code base
  • Removed EtherDasher gameplay and mechanics that were unneeded
  • Added a player weapon [SpikeBall]
  • Replaced some sounds
  • Created a base Robot

Things To Do

Main Game:

- Procedural generation of levels
- Add EvilOtto timer
- Change to larger screensize
- Figure out game mechanics
    - Add bonus for destroying all robots
    - Change levels re-runs level generation
- Rework HUD to more like original Berzerk game
    - Find a old school font


- Change out to better player character
- Figure out how to shoot lazers in cardinal directions


- Spawn nicely to NOT kill player on game start
- Spawn more robots on level up
- Fix hurt() to play sound and aninmation
- Create a sprite and animations
- Create a fricken lazer
- Get a lazer sound
- Script to follow and shoot player with lazers
    - Maybe a ray cast to detect player then shoot?
- Script to randomly play taunts

SpikeBall -> FrickenLazers

- Turn into a fricken lazer [sprite/shader]
- Get a lazer sound


- Start to create it
- Figure out how to bounce?
    - Animation player with squash?
- Script to follow player
    - Maybe a ray cast to detect player then set velocity and direction?
- Script to randomly play taunts