Creating the flag of Cascadia for real

The Doug flag, also referred to as the Cascadian flag

Creating the flag of Cascadia for real
The Doug Flag

As a mountain biker and nature enthusiast, I have been captivated by the Cascadia flag for years. Its depiction of the stunning mountains, cloudy skies, and lone Douglas Fir perfectly encapsulates the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest, and I've always wanted to capture that image in a tangible way. But despite my many attempts, I was never able to find the right photographic point that matched the flag.

That's when I decided to turn to technology to bring my vision to life. Using a image to image process in Stable Diffusion, I was able to take the Cascadia flag and create a "real" version of it. By bringing together the different elements of the flag in a way that captures the essence of the region, I was able to create a stunning image that truly showcases the beauty of the Pacific Northwest.

Overall, I am thrilled with how the image turned out and proud to have been able to use technology to bring my vision to life. I believe that art and technology can work together to create truly breathtaking works of art, and this experience has only reinforced that belief.

Below you will find different attempts to get it right. The featured image is my favorite.

First attempt that started getting "real"
I almost dropped the laptop when this on popped out as it is really close to what I was imagining.
I am not sure what was in the foreground, but the rest of the image worked

I too the previous image and applied a mask to regenerate the green portion into a mountain meadow.

Final image:

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