BlenderMarket's 10-Year Anniversary: A Giveaway Bonanza!

Blender enthusiasts, rejoice!

BlenderMarket's 10-Year Anniversary: A Giveaway Bonanza!

Blender enthusiasts, hold onto your vertices! BlenderMarket just celebrated its 10th anniversary, and they're dishing out add-ons like a 3D Santa Claus on a polygon-powered sleigh!

The Loot Box of Dreams

Blender Market recently hit the big 1-0, and boy, did they know how to party! Instead of cake (which, let's face it, doesn't render well), they decided to shower us with a cornucopia of Blender add-ons. It's like Christmas came early, minus the awkward family dinners and ugly sweaters.

The Crown Jewel: Auto-Rig Pro

auto-rig in action

The add-on I'm most excited about is Auto-Rig Pro. I've been eyeing this bad boy for a while now, dreaming of the day when my characters would stop looking like they're auditioning for a "Ministry of Silly Walks" remake. With Auto-Rig Pro, I might finally create animations that don't make my friends question my sanity!

Cubicity: Where Lego Meets Blender

Another gem in this giveaway crown is Cubicity. It's a collection of videos and blend files designed to teach us mere mortals how to use asset libraries effectively. I'm already plotting to turn this into a tiny racing game. Grand Theft Auto: Cute Edition, anyone? Just imagine tiny, adorable carjackers with oversized heads... On second thought, maybe I'll stick to building charming cityscapes.

Cute version of GTA?

AI in My Blender? It's More Likely Than You Think!

Last but not least, I'll be installing Chat Companion faster than you can say "Hey Siri, how do I use Blender?" The power of LLMs in my Blender workflows? Yes, please! Maybe now I'll finally have someone to blame when my renders come out looking like abstract art.

The Full Treasure Trove

For those of you salivating over the prospect of free add-ons (I see you, and I respect your thrift), here's the full list of goodies that were given away. Names, descriptions, and links included, because sharing is caring, and these creators deserve a standing ovation (or at least a polite golf clap).

  1. RetopoFlow: A retopology toolkit that promises to make your high-res sculpts look good in low-poly. Because sometimes, less really is more.
    RetopoFlow on BlenderMarket
  2. Population: A human crowd simulator. Perfect for populating your scenes or simulating your social life.
    Population on BlenderMarket
  3. Chat Companion: For when you need an AI to tell you that yes, you should have saved your work before trying that experimental node setup.
    Chat Companion on BlenderMarket
  4. Divine Cut | Smart Cloth Generator V2: Because manually creating clothes is so last season.
    Divine Cut on BlenderMarket
  5. Better Lighting V2: For when you want your scenes to look lit... literally.
    Better Lighting on BlenderMarket
  6. Baga Pie: A GeoPack for architecture, vegetation, rocks, and trees. It's like having Bob Ross as a Blender add-on.
    Baga Pie on BlenderMarket
  7. Shaders Plus: Bringing caustics, thin film, and dispersion to Cycles & Eevee. Because basic shaders are for basic blenders.
    Shaders Plus on BlenderMarket
  8. Cubicity: Learn to create adorable stylistic cities and leverage asset libraries. Warning: May cause acute cuteness overload.
    Cubicity on BlenderMarket
  9. Cloudscapes V2: For when you need your clouds to look so good, even meteorologists would be impressed.
    Cloudscapes on BlenderMarket
  10. Auto-Rig Pro: The holy grail of rigging. May cause spontaneous dance parties in your 3D scenes.
    Auto-Rig Pro on BlenderMarket

Wrapping Up

Well, there you have it, folks! A veritable smorgasbord of Blender goodness. Do you have a favorite Blender add-on that makes your 3D life complete? Or perhaps you're still searching for that perfect add-on soulmate? Either way, reach out on Warpcast or Twitter and let me know. Who knows, maybe we'll start a support group for add-on addiction. (First step: Admitting you have a polygon problem.)

Have fun.