A quick SDXL Resolution cheat sheet

A quick SDXL Resolution cheat sheet

Once you go beyond the default resolution for the SDXL version of Stable Diffusion you will need to pay attention to the proper resolutions the model was trained for. Going outside of the specs can make for some fun AI art though.

Here is a quick reference chart to help you along your generating journey:

1024 x 1024 The Standard SDXL resolution
1152 x 896 Close to 4:3 (Standard Monitor)
896 x 1152 Close to 3:4
1216 x 832 Close to 3:2 (Classic Film)
832 x 1216 Close to 2:3
1344 x 768 Close to 16:9 (HD Video)
768 x 1344 Close to 9:16
1536 x 640 Close to 16:9 (CinemaScope)
640 x 1536 Close to 9:16

I generated an image for each resolution to give a sense of what you'd be getting. You will notice that most of the resolutions are just flipped from horizontal to vertical, so I added them together in a gallery.

The prompt is for a black Porsche 911:

Best quality, Raw photo, sci-fi, futuristic, Black Porsche 911

The Resolution Images:

1024 x 1024

1152 x 896 and 896 x 1152

1216 x 832 and 832 x 1216

1344 x 768 and 768 x 1344

1536 x 640 and 640 x 1536

My previous article is here if you'd like a version in Halloween format.

SDXL’s Canvas Magic: Crafting Spooktacular Art in Any Dimension
Are you ready to embark on a pixel-perfect journey into the world of image dimensions, spiced up with a Halloween twist? Stable Diffusion XL (SDXL) is here to whisk you away on a creative adventure that defies limits. Let’s explore the enchanting realm of resolutions supported by SDXL and unlock

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out on my main site https://jeremyschroeder.net or hit me up on X.

Have fun.